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Click&Clean is a useful plug-in for a very popular tool called CCleaner
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Click&Clean is a free and spyware-free tool for Ccleaner. Ccleaner is useful for erasing browsing history and other tracks from your computer safely and completely. After erasing any file from your system, you will find that there are still some fragments left on your hard drive that can easily be recovered. Also, while surfing the Internet, every action is stored on your hard drive: it may be any email, picture, pop-up window, download, and so on. These unnecessary files take up space and memory on your hard drive causing your PC to process much slower.

Ccleaner is a program designed for removing unused and temporary files permanently from your computer. This program is basically helpful in saving your time and improving your security and privacy. It helps Windows to run fast, and also makes hard disk space free, for more efficient work. It is helpful in removing Temporary File Cache, URL History, Cookies, Hidden Index.dat files, Last download file locations and recent file lists for many applications. This program can be used right after clicking on its shortcut: Ccleaner will then perform all specified cleaning activities.

This application can also integrate into your internet browsers to keep them clean from Internet browsing tracks.

Surendra Keshav
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  • Facilitates one-click cleaning of your system
  • Easily integrates into your internet browser
  • Keeps your system cleaner and faster
  • All deleted files are permanent
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Free to use


  • This application can be used only if you have Ccleaner installed
  • No specific interface of its own
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